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AC Servomotor/Driver/Controller・DC Servomotor・Smartmotor・Network Servo System"SV-NET".
We respond to wide range of needs with different variations.

AC Servomotor lineup Drivers/Controllers

Servo Motors

NEW!!TBL-iⅣ Series

High ability and low cogging.
New servo motor with previous high ability and smaller size.
High resolution serial optcal encoder(23bit).
Furthermore, for large size types (Flange size: 100 to 180mm), an encoder part has become detachable, and thus the maintainability of the motors has been enhanced.

TBL-iⅡ Series

High ability series.
Servo motors of this series have a high precision resolver built-in.
Their broad line-up also makes models equipped with a reduction gear or brake available.
Applications include: multiaxial robots, physical distribution equipment, food processing/packaging equipment, training equipment, medical/health care equipment and measuring instruments, among others.
Servo motors of this series are ideal for easy positioning, as well as speed control for systems that are subject to significant changes in load torque.

TBL-V Series

Servo motors of this series can replace step motors, contributing to high-speed system operation.

TBL-i mini Series

The smallest size in the industry.
A miniature AC servo motor, has been added to our lineup-making possible via densification the size reduction of products such as semiconductor fabrication equipment, chip mounters, and small XY tables.
In order to integrate with a variety of sensors, this AC servo motor is available as either an encoder or resolver.


SV-NET Servo System

Our SV-NET servo system demonstrates simple yet highly functional motion control, made possible by its superb configuration that comprises the controller (I/O unit provided as standard), the driver featuring a superior network commanding capability, and a diverse line-up of motor variations.
As such, SV-NET achieves total cost savings for customers who use medium and smaller systems by guaranteeing their system’s optimal performance capability and best possible functions.

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